Network Enabler Administrator

Network Enabler Administrator 2.11

Access and configure the settings of NE-4100-CMD
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Work with the service and compatibility parameters of NE-4100-CMD devices. Search for the specific unit in the broadcast browser, access it and perform configuration of all available parameters. The utility works with all the relevant products connected to a local network.

Network Enabler Administrator provides a convenient way to configure NE-4100-CMD. Use Broadcast Search or Search by IP to locate the NE-4100-CMD you wish to configure. Keep in mind that Broadcast Search will locate all Network Enabler products connected to the same LAN as your PC. Search by IP can be used to locate Network Enablers that are NOT connected to the LAN. However, if you use Search by IP to locate a Network Enabler connected to the same LAN as your PC, the Network Enabler and PC must be on the same subnet. Configure the type of trigger (hardware or software) that will activate Serial Command Mode. The trigger type can configured over the network with Network Enabler Administrator.

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